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Traffic Manager

Route incoming traffic for high performance and availability

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Routes inbound traffic across regions to improve app performance and availability

  • Automatic failover improves app availability
  • Raises app response speed
  • Smooths cloud migration in real time
  • Averages or weights the distribution of app traffic
  • Conduct A/B testing in a newly deployed environment
  • Seamlessly integrates internal and cloud environments

Flexible load balancing choices

Azure Traffic Manager offers six types of DNS-based traffic routing: Priority, performance, geographic, weighted round-robin, subnet, and multi-value. Choose the one that’s right for you or combine, using nested profiles.

Lowers app downtime

Traffic Manager can monitor your Azure or external website and services. Whenever a malfunction occurs, the user will be directed to a new site thereby improving important app availability.

Improves app performance and internal hand-over

Traffic Manager by design can guide users to an Azure or external site with the lowest network delay, thereby improving app response speed and speeding up internal delivery.

User traffic is dispersed to multiple sites

Traffic Manager can guide user traffic and divide it up among multiple sites, for example multiple cloud services within the Azure Datacenter, or multiple Azure sites at different data centers. Traffic Manager can carry out averaged or weighted load sharing.

Coordinating use with internal data centers

Traffic Manager also is an important implementation for many internal app scenarios, including “peak extension to the cloud”, “migration to the cloud”, or “failover to the cloud” services. You can carry out upgrades or take perform maintenance tasks in your internal data center when a user causes problems.

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