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Load BalancerLoad Balancer

Enables improved availability and network performance for your apps

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  • Instantly add scale to your apps
  • Load balances internet and private network traffic
  • Increase app reliability by monitoring operational status
  • Flexible NAT rules deliver greater security
  • Direct integration with Virtual Machines and Cloud Services

Simplifies load balancing for apps

Built-in load balancing for Cloud Services and Virtual Machines enables you to create highly available and scalable apps in minutes. Azure Load Balancer supports TCP/UDP-based protocols (such as HTTP, HTTPS and SMTP), as well as protocols used for real-time audio and video messaging apps.

Apps with high availability and reliable performance

Load Balancer automatically scales up as app traffic increases, allowing your app to provide a better user experience without any reconfiguration or management of Load Balancer.

Internal Load Balancer (ILB)

Use the Internal Load Balancer (ILB) for traffic between virtual machines in your virtual private network, or use Load Balancer to create multi-tier hybrid applications.

Build highly reliable apps

Load Balancer detects the operational status of an app instance, automatically removes abnormal instances, and restores them once they are operating normally again. With Load Balancer, you can significantly increase app uptime.

Protect your networks

Control your inbound and outbound network traffic, and protect your private networks with built-in network address translation (NAT). Integrate network security groups with Load Balancer to protect your networks.

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