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Azure Cosmos DBAzure Cosmos DB

Multi-model database service at any scale

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Azure Cosmos DB was built from the ground up with distribution and horizontal scaling at its core. It offers turnkey distribution across any number of Azure regions by transparently scaling and replicating data (wherever users are). Flexibly scale throughput and storage within the range of multiple data centers, and only pay for what you need. Azure Cosmos DB guarantees single digit millisecond latencies at the 99th percentile, offers multiple well-defined consistency models for fine tuning performance, and guarantees high availability with multi-homing functionality anywhere in each region – all supported by industry-leading, comprehensive Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Turnkey distribution

Build distributed applications easily without the trouble of the complex configuration of multiple data centers. As a distributed database system, Azure Cosmos DB will automatically replicate all your data to any number of regions of your choice for fast, immediate access. Azure Cosmos DB supports transparent multi-homing features and guarantees availability as high as 99.99%.

Multi-model + Multi-API

Only Azure Cosmos DB allows you to use key value, graphic, and document data in one service within the range of multiple data centers, without having to worry about architecture or index management. Azure Cosmos DB automatically indexes all data and allows you to use your favorite APIs (including SQL, JavaScript, and MongoDB) to access your data.

Limitless flexible scaling within the range of multiple data centers

With Azure Cosmos DB, you only pay for the throughput and storage you need. Azure Cosmos DB allows you to independently and flexibly scale storage and throughput at any time, anywhere in each region.

Multiple, well-defined consistency choices

Azure Cosmos DB offers five well-defined consistency levels (strong, limited expiration, consistent-prefix, sessions, and eventual) for an intuitive programming model with low latency and high availability for apps within the range of multiple data centers.

Guaranteed Low latency

Serve read and write requests from the nearest region, while simultaneously distributing data within multiple data centers. With its latch-free and write-optimized database engine, Azure Cosmos DB guarantees latencies of less than 10 milliseconds on reads and less than 15 milliseconds on (indexed) writes in the 99th percentile.

Industry-leading, enterprise-grade Service Level Agreements

Rest assured your apps are running on a “battle-tested” database service, built on world-class infrastructure. Azure Cosmos DB provides enterprise-grade security and compliance, and is the first and only service to offer industry-leading Service Level Agreements for 99.99% high availability, latency in the 99th percentile, guaranteed throughput, and consistency.

What can you build with Azure Cosmos DB?

Learn about use cases below:

Distributed critical applications

Guarantee access to users in various regions with the high availability and low latency capabilities built into Azure data centers.



Scale instantly and flexibly to accommodate diverse and unpredictable IoT workloads without affecting ingestion or query performance.



Generate personalized recommendations for customers in real time, using low latency and tunable consistency settings for immediate insights.


Retail and e-commerce

Support in-depth queries with regard to various product catalogs, traffic spikes, and rapidly changing inventory.



Flexibly scale databases to accommodate unpredictable bursts of traffic and deliver low latency, multi-player experiences within the range of multiple data centers.


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