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Quickly create and deploy mission critical Web apps at scale

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  • Supports .NET, Java, PHP, Node.js and Python
  • Built in automatic scaling and load balancing
  • High availability with automatic patching
  • Use Git, TFS, and Visual Studio Team Services to achieve continuous deployment
  • Supports WordPress, Umbraco, Joomla, and Drupal

Web Sites and Apps

Through Azure App Services’ Web Apps functionality, developers can rapidly create, deploy, and administer functional and powerful Web sites and Web Apps. Use .NET, Node.js, PHP, Python, and Java to create standardized Web Apps and API. Use a single back end for developer or client-provided web and Mobile Apps. Securely deliver enabled add-on apps and device APIs.

Familiar and Fast

Using current skills with your favorite language and IDE-compiled code, create API and apps faster than before. Use templates to achieve automation of common workflows and rapid development. Use Visual Studio Team Services, Git, mobile web site debugging, and experience incomparable developer efficiency through persistent integration.

Enterprise level

App Services is dedicated to creating and securely managing mission-critical apps. Create with Azure Active Directory-integrated business apps and then manage them under compatible standards on a secure cloud platform: ISO information security standards, SOC2 cloud computing standards, and PCI security standards. Automatically backup and restore your apps while at the same time enjoying all of the above and an enterprise Service Level Agreement.

Optimized for DevOps

Single-minded devotion to rapidly improving apps with no need to worry about infrastructure. Uses built in temporary storage, rollback, creation, and performance testing to deploy new apps. Achieves high availability through geographically-distributed deployment. Real-time monitoring of all aspects of apps and monitoring history provides check-ups while still providing detailed operational logs. It also provides worry-free maintenance and patching of infrastructure.

Understanding Apps

  • Web Apps

    Create and deploy mission-critical Web Apps that scale with your business.

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  • Mobile Apps

    Construct attractive iOS, Android, and Windows apps.

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  • API Apps

    Uses your choice of language for rapid generation and use of API in the cloud.

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