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  • Broadcast based on client segmentation
  • Assisted by Active Directory single sign-in
  • Automatic scaling to support millions of devices
  • Apps can work offline and synchronize
  • Supports Weibo and WeChat social media integration

Rapidly creates attractive Mobile Apps

Using Azure App Services Mobile Apps capabilities, you can easily and rapidly, create attractive cross-platform and local apps for iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac, use data stored in the cloud or locally, verify user authentication, push notifications, or add your custom back-end logic into C# or Node.js.

Add enterprise sign-in in a few seconds

Assisted by Active Directory, easily authenticate your users and securely connect to SAP, Oracle, SQL Server, and SharePoint local resources. Also, use cross-platform frameworks (for example Xamarin and PhoneGap) to create enterprise-level apps.

Use offline data synchronization to build responsive apps

When there are network issues you will still have stable apps and, even if the user is offline, data can be created and repaired. Caching data on local devices increases app responsiveness. Using Mobile Apps, you can easily cross iOS, Android, and Windows apps to provide local synchronization.

Connect your apps to local data

Assisted by Azure, you can construct Mobile Apps that use data from your own local data center. Using hybrid connections and VPN, you can securely and easily access data at your local data center from anywhere worldwide.

In under a minute you can customize a notification for broadcast to millions of devices

Notification Center is an advanced, scalable mobile notification engine that can push millions of notifications to iOS, Android, Windows, or Nokia X devices in under a second. You can easily link Notification Center to any existing back-end app, regardless of whether the back-end is local or in Azure.

Automatic scaling suited to your business needs

Easily build automatic scaling into Mobile Apps and Notification Center configurations to match your app needs. Automatically speed up/slow down resource needs based on actual conditions, and only pay for content used. By accessing Microsoft’s Managed Data Center Global Network, you can influence users around the world.

Understanding Apps

  • Web Apps

    Create and deploy mission-critical Web Apps that scale with your business.

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  • Mobile Apps

    Construct attractive iOS, Android, and Windows apps.

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  • API Apps

    Uses your choice of language for rapid generation and use of API in the cloud.

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