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Simple and reliable server backup to the cloud

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Azure Backup is a reliable, low-cost, and scalable solution, allowing for backup of local data onto the cloud. Without any capital investment, you can protect your key business data with the lowest operating expenses.

Azure Backup now enables backup of virtual machines on Azure through a few simple steps, and also permits placing the restore points on the cloud storage. Whenever necessary, you can respond from the restore points to meet various demands for protecting Azure Virtual Machines.

Pricing Details

Backup services are charged by the size of every protected instance, at an increment of 500 GB. In addition, Azure storage space is charged individually, allowing for reduction in long-lasting storage cost. Customers can make a flexible selection between LRS or GRS Block Blob Storage .

Backup for Azure VMs and on-premises servers

*The following prices are tax-inclusive.

*Monthly price estimates are based on 744 hours of usage per month.
Data stored per protected instance per month Price
Instances with 0 to 50 GB (including 50 GB) of data ¥31.65/protected instance + storage used
Instances with 50 GB to 500 GB (including 500 GB) of data ¥63.29/protected instance + storage used
Instances with more than 500 GB of data Increments of ¥63.29 every 500 GB + storage used

Backup Storage

Azure Backup uses Block Blob storage for backing up your instances. You have the flexibility to choose between locally redundant storage (LRS) or geo-redundant storage (GRS). Both LRS and GRS are Block Blob Storage.

*The following prices are tax-inclusive.

*Monthly price estimates are based on 744 hours of usage per month.
¥0.18/GB ¥0.36/GB


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  • Which content am I being charged for in the new pricing model?

    The new pricing has two components:

    • Used Azure Block Blob Storage capacity: used for storing backup data and restore points. Storage redundancy options are also flexible. For the backup vault, customers can choose between locally redundant storage (LRS) and geo-redundant storage (GRS).
    • Price of Azure Backup software for protected instances.

    This content will be listed on your Azure monthly bills as individual line items.

  • Why did you modify the pricing model?

    When maintaining data for a short period of time, a model that charges customers for the stored backup data for every GB is effective. With continued improvements in long-term retention functions in Azure Backup, as well as continuous increases in the amount of data to be backed up, the GB charging model brings high costs for customers that need to maintain data for a long period of time. The new business model enables customers to utilize the scale benefits brought by Azure storage space while continuously enjoying the enhanced functions of Azure Backup.

  • Do I have to pay for restoration and Internet exports?

    We will not charge customers for any restore operations and/or outgoing network bandwidth (exports) relating to restore operations.

  • How much can I expect to save on costs?

    The main driving factor for this modification is allowing customers to get huge value by using Azure Backup. Compared with the GB charging model, customers can save costs by up to 52% when using LRS Block Blob Storage and the new pricing.

    Size of protected instances (GB) AZURE Backup price per GB (RMB) Saving on costs with the new pricing and usage of LRS Block BLOB storage (RMB) Saving on costs with the new pricing and usage of GRS Block BLOB storage (RMB)
    50 ¥60 ¥63 (-5%) ¥83.5 (-39%)
    100 ¥120 ¥126 (-5%) ¥167 (-39%)
    250 ¥300 ¥187.5 (38%) ¥290 (3%)
    500 ¥600 ¥290 (52%) ¥495 (18%)
    1000 ¥1,200 ¥580 (52%) ¥990 (18%)
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Protected Servers and Instances

  • What are protected instances?

    Protected instances refer to the billing units used in Azure Backup. The software overhead is charged according to the size of the protected computers (also called “size of front-end”). Therefore, larger protected instances mean more expenses charged to customers. For instance, if a document server with a volume of 2,200 GB is protected in Azure Backup, customers are charged ¥316.45/month (2,200 GB/500 GB = 4.4, rounded to 5 in increments of 500 GB , with each increment charged ¥63.29).

  • Which types of protected instances are included?

    There are three types:

    • Virtual Machines: can be Hyper-V virtual machines
    • Windows or Linux server computers: can be physical host computers or guest virtual machines. These computers generally have some applications requiring backup or some running workloads. The common workloads include: document server roles for Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics, and Windows Server.
    • Windows Client Computers
  • How do I estimate the quantity of protected instances?

    You can estimate the quantity of protected instances by summing up the following items:

    • Quantity of virtual machines
    • Quantity of computers equipped with DPM proxy (excluding Hyper-V host)
    • Quantity of computers equipped with Azure Backup proxy

    The bill for every protected instance will depend on its front-end size.

  • How do I estimate the front-end size of protected instances?

    The “front-end” size of a protected instance refers to the sum (before compression) of all data sizes from the computer to be protected in Azure Backup. Data not protected on the computer will not be included in the size of a protected instance.

    Protected Instances Size of Protected Instances
    Virtual Machines Used size of the virtual hard disk to back up to Azure
    Microsoft SQL Server Database and instances requiring backup onto Azure
    Microsoft Document Server Documents and folders to be backed up onto volumes on Azure
    Microsoft SharePoint Total size of SharePoint content field to be protected on Azure
    Microsoft Exchange Size of email on the Exchange Server requiring backup onto Azure
    Microsoft Windows (Client) Documents and folders to be backed up onto volumes on Azure
  • What should I do if my protected instances are very small?

    We provide layers of smaller scale, which are an ideal option for small-scale servers and client computers. If the front-end size of the protected instance is less than 50 GB, the instance belongs to the minimum price layer of ¥31.65/month.

  • If I protect the computer on Azure starting in the middle of a month, do I still need to pay the full price for the protected instances?

    No, the cost is prorated according to the number of days the computer is protected in the month.

  • If I modify the retention policy of backup data and store more data on Azure, do I need to pay more fees for this part of the protected instances?

    No, this part of the protected instances will not be charged according to the data size (back-end data) stored in Azure. Azure Backup storage data is charged in addition to the rate of Azure Block Blob storage. The fees of the protected instances are charged completely on the basis of the front-end size, without being affected by different backup and retention policies.

  • Do I need to upgrade my Azure Backup proxy?

    Yes, the new pricing can be used only after the Azure Backup proxy is upgraded to the latest edition. Use of the proxy for older editions will yield adverse effects on the front-end size of the protected instances being charged.

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Backup Storage Costs

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Data backup from DPM to Azure

  • Are there examples of how to apply the pricing model to various workloads and sizes?

    After using the new pricing, the backup data (also called "back-end size") stored in Azure will be charged according to the Block Blob rate in the corresponding region.

    Host Computer Workload Size of Protected Instances Billing Amount
    1 Windows host computer Windows Server 2012 (documents/folders backup) 300 GB ¥63.29/month
    3 Windows host computers Windows Exchange
    Windows Exchange
    Windows Exchange
    600 GB
    1,300 GB
    400 GB
    1 Windows client computer Windows 8.1 (documents/folders backup) 25 GB ¥31.65/month
    1 Hyper-V Virtual Machine Virtual Machine backup 30 GB ¥31.65/month
    1 Windows guest computer Windows Server 2012 (documents/folders backup) 120 GB ¥63.29/month
    1 Windows guest computer Microsoft SQL Server (independent) 600 GB ¥126.58/month
    3 Windows guest computers Microsoft SQL Server (cluster):
    • Computer 1: 50 databases
    • Computer 2: 75 databases
    • Computer 3: 20 databases
    70 GB
    80 GB
    15 GB

    Note: if the databases move around in the cluster, the size of the backup is used for calculation
    5 Windows guest computers Complete SharePoint field including front-end and content database, etc. 1,300 GB ¥189.87/month (size of SharePoint field is larger than 1,000 GB and smaller than 1,500 GB)
    Note: A SharePoint field is a special entity, which is charged on the basis of the total size of protected data in it.
  • I have a Microsoft SQL Server Virtual Machine with 250 GB of data. How will I be billed for Azure Backup?

    For a SQL Server database of a protected size of 250 GB in Azure Backup, the SQL Server is taken as the protected instance. As the size of the protected instance is larger than 50 GB but smaller than 500 GB, ¥63.29 is charged. If the virtual machine is also backed up in Azure Backup, it will be counted as another protected instance. Because the size of the virtual machine is smaller than 500 GB, ¥63.29 is charged.

    Note: Virtual machine backup and workload backup (running in a virtual machine) are charged independently

Support & SLA

If you have any questions or need help, please visit Azure Support to select self-service or any other method to contact us for support.

We guarantee that the availability of the backup and recovery functions of Azure Backup services reaches at least 99.9%. The availability is calculated by the monthly billing cycle. If you want to learn more about the details of our server level agreement, please visit the Service Level Agreement page.

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