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Azure Analysis Services

Enterprise grade analytics engine as a service

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Proven analytics engine

Azure Analysis Services delivers enterprise-grade BI semantic modeling capabilities with scalability, flexibility, and the management benefits of the cloud. Azure Analysis Services helps you to transform complex data into actionable insights. Azure Analysis Services is built on the proven analytics engine in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services.

Pricing Details

The total cost of Azure Analysis Services depends on the chosen tier and instance.

Azure Analysis Services is available in Basic and Standard tiers. The key feature differentiators between the tiers are in the table below:

Feature Basic Standard
Multiple partitions
DirectQuery storage mode
Dax calculations
Row-level security
In-mem storage
Back up and restore

Within each tier, the prices of instances vary by processing power, QPUs, and memory size.

Basic tier

The basic tier is a general purpose tier that is recommended for production solutions with small tabular models, limited user concurrency, and simple data refresh requirements.

*The following prices are tax-inclusive.

*Monthly pricing estimates are based on 744 hours of usage per month.
Instance QPU Memory (GB) Price1
B1 40 10 ¥ 2.4475/hour
(about ¥ 1,820.94/month)
B2 80 20 ¥ 4.895/hour
(about ¥ 3,641.88/month)
1 Standard data transfer rates apply.

Standard tier

The standard tier is best suited for mission-critical production applications that require elastic user concurrency and have evolving data models. It has an advanced data refresh capability that helps customers achieve near real-time data model updates.

*The following prices are tax-inclusive.

*Monthly pricing estimates are based on 744 hours of usage per month.
Instance QPU Memory (GB) Price1
S0 40 10 ¥ 12.948/hour
(about ¥ 9,633.312/month)
S1 100 25 ¥ 21.58/hour
(about ¥ 16,055.52/month)
S2 200 50 ¥ 43.16/hour
(about ¥ 32,111.04/month)
S4 400 100 ¥ 86.32/hour
(about ¥ 64,222.08/month)
1 Standard data transfer rates apply.


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  • What is a QPU?

    A Query Processing Unit (QPU) in Azure Analysis Services is a unit of measure for the relative computational performance for query and data processing. A standard tier S4 instance (which offers 400 QPUs) provides 4 times the computational performance of a standard tier S1 instance (which offers 100 QPUs). As a rule of thumb, one virtual core approximates to roughly 20 QPUs (although the exact performance depends on the underlying hardware and the hardware version used).

  • How often can I change the service tier or performance level of a single instance?

    Customers can change performance levels within a tier. For example, you can move from S2 to S4 seamlessly, or vice versa. You can also move from a lower tier to a higher tier, but not vice versa. For example, you can move from the Basic tier to the Standard tier, but you can’t move from the Standard tier to the Basic tier.

  • How will the usage of Azure Analysis Services appear on my bill?

    Azure Analysis Services bills on a predictable hourly rate based on both the service tier and performance level for a single instance. Actual usage is calculated to the second and billed on an hourly basis. For example, if an instance runs for 12 hours and 15 minutes in a month, your bill will show 12.25 hours of usage. If your instance is only active for 6 minutes, your bill will show 0.1 hour of usage.

  • What happens when I pause my service?

    No charges apply when you pause your instance.

Support & SLA

If you have any questions or need help, please visit Azure Support to select self-service or any other methods to contact us for support.

We guarantee that the success rate of client operations executed on an Azure Analysis Services server will be no lower than 99.9%. To learn more about the details of the guaranteed Service Level Agreements for our Basic and Standard tiers, please visit the Service Level Agreements page.

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